Echoes of Nature

These compositions arise from a meditative wellspring, listening to the musicality of nature, then traveling beyond. A kaleidoscope of birds, crickets, ocean waves, flute, violin, and viola, float over atmospheric synthesizers. As a result of mathematically derived shifting modality, a powerful, relentless calm pervades the music. Extraordinary soloists, Yehudit, Nika Rejto, and Mads Tolling, soar over the musical tapestry. Their unbridled imaginations dance with the auditory experience.

Echoes of Nature II

The sequel to James Freeman’s Echoes of Nature continues with atmospheric sound paintings, auditory kaleidoscope, and interwoven over field recordings of frogs, owls, stream, and birds. Featuring live musicians playing violin, viola, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, and flute, they improvise freely over a fabric of evolving abstract musical modalities, at times dazzling and dramatic, often pastoral in mood. All the soloists are exceptional classical/jazz musicians, and the result is an inspired interplay of creativity.

Echoes of Nature III

James Freeman explores his evolution of facilitating virtuoso live musicians freely improvising with nature over a bed of modern synthesized music. Mads Tolling on violin, Yehudit on viola, Nika Rejto on flute, Sheldon Brown on bass clarinet and saxophone, with Freeman playing bass and guitar. The surprising sounds of turkeys, birds, thunder, wolves, and Canadian geese interweave with music created by universal math formulas as follows: 1. Translate notes into numbers… C=1, C#=2, etc. 2. Compose a theme, such as… 1 3 4 6 2 9 11 3. Create derivative lines using the math formulas. 4. Repeat this process to yield a matrix of numbers (notes) as a foundation for composing ideas. The logic of the resulting movement resonates with the subconscious mind, resulting in a kaleidoscopic musical journey. Waves of impressionistic minimalism combined with the sheer joy of great improvisers is engaging yet meditative: Creating a mind space that is uniquely liberating.

Echoes of Nature IV

Continuing his experimental style that is in “no known musical genre”, James Freeman expands the outer reaches of sonority reverberating from a universal sourced. (insert formula) is still the overriding musical groundwork, creating a relentlessly accelerating matrix of notes. Improvisation on violin and flute was played with total freedom in one take. The result is a true hybrid of classical and jazz. LIONS alone explores the microtones generated from the math formulas. On the reprise of each piece, Mads Tolling plays an “outtake” solo. One must marvel at his uncanny ability to play “with” the music + his spontaneous sensitivity to the varying moods as they arise.

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Featured Artists


Yehudit has been active in the SF jazz and classical music scene for over 20 years. She has headlined at numerous venues in SF and LA areas. In 2007, she resigned her long-time membership in the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra in order to devote her full energies to jazz performance and composition. Her CDs are available on the Edgetone Records label.

Nika Rejto

Nika Rejto is a musical visionary of her time – her music is infectious; it sweeps through an audience from the first offering to the last. AllAboutJazz and Jazz Now reviewed Nika’s Midnite Kiss cd and wrote: “…Nika Rejto soars on this new addition…Compared to the great James Moody, Nika once again teases our souls and delights our ears with Such Pristine Flute Playing.

Mads Tolling

A Danish American violinist, violist, and composer. Mads Tolling has won Grammy Awards for “Best Classical Crossover Album”. Tolling formed the Mads Tolling Trio in 2007 and immediately recorded Speed of Light (2008). They have performed at various locations such as Yoshi’s Oakland, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Moody’s Bistro, Russian River Jazz Festival, and more.